As part of the launch and raising funds for «The Ethical Fund Congolese Youth» ; Bang’s Business TV, the official site of the African economy information, believe in the potential of young people of DR Congo seeking to support and participate in the project described below.

Objectives: Provide an opportunity to all Congolese youth to project and demonstrate its ability to meet the challenges of tomorrow in the following areas.

The entrepreneurial sphere: with the aim to allow Congolese youth to engage in the business world.

Technological sphere: in order to confirm the presence of RD CONGO in the field of innovation and creativity.

The ecological sphere: to meet an unavoidable issue of the contemporary era.

To meet this challenge, to restore and enhance the image of Congolese youth in this difficult context facing the DR Congo, Bang’s Business TV ‘s ambition is to mobilize thirty million (30,000,000 €) to finance projects of young Congolese



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